So many resumes, so little time

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Are you a hiring manager sifting through tons of resumes trying to find that needle in the haystack? Are you looking at an unusually large amount of resumes and thinking about changing your title now to RESUME COLLECTOR?

In today’s downsizing economy, it’s hard to imagine why so many hiring managers are having tremendous difficulty filling their job openings. This is indeed happening, no question about it. With the challenges we face everyday, I scratch my head every day wondering how any one company can effectively recruit without the help of a dedicated search firm that is solely committed to this effort 24/7!

We review resumes daily from various sources including, but not limited to, job boards, advertisements, mailing lists, social media sites, etc. Keep in mind too that we still dedicate time and effort with cold calling and reaching out to those passive candidates in order to make sure no stone is unturned if we’re going to find that needle in the haystack or the very BEST candidate for our client.

So with that being said, I would be too embarrassed to let anyone know (other than my partner) how many messages are currently sitting in my inbox right this very second!! Let me assure you though that we have a system in place to handle this type of volume because after all, that’s ALL we do.

If you are a hiring manager who would like to review fewer resumes yet hire the BEST candidate for your job opening, then consider using an external agency. For more information, please visit

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