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The following is information about our group and an outline of the services that we offer to our clients:

CPO Recruiting Group, with over 40 years of collective experience, specializes in the technical search, recruitment and permanent placement efforts nationwide. Our assignments have been both contingency and retainer-based depending on the client needs and volume of business. We have also implemented a declining fee schedule for certain clients with whom we have contingency agreements with based on high volume of openings and hiring.
We pride ourselves on our ability to find and secure candidates per client's exact requirements and have built an exceptional network of talented professionals, most of whom have maintained regular contact with us throughout the years in order to stay attuned to the current marketplace as well as to the job opportunities that relate to their background and skills. In this ever-changing economy, we have found a vast number of key players who do not want to market themselves openly, even if their job security may be questionable, preferring a more confidential approach by using CPO Recruiting Group at the forefront.

CPO customizes their search process to each and every client's needs. With regard to Straight Contingency recruitment services, CPO will provide to our clients the following:


~ One of the partners will get a clear understanding of your job needs and corporate environment to ensure that your new hire(s) will be an asset to your organization.
~ We at CPO pride ourselves on catering to our clients' preferences for how things should be done. Thus, if agreeable with the client, before each search assignment our representative will do the following:
1) Thoroughly review the job requisition to assure understanding of all criteria.
2) Dialogue with the hiring manager to clarify any questions and further discuss the preferences including specific company or industry background.
3) From that discussion, put together a series of questions to pose to each candidate to provide a more in-depth picture of their background that is of specific interest to the manager on the particular position(s).
4) Identify the salary grade and skill set necessary to be considered at that level.
5) Identify the preferred method of correspondence, scheduling of phone, virtual and/or in-person interviews, and any special instructions to be used in the process.

~ We have found that the investment of time accomplishing these tasks, results in a rather large savings of client resources (time = money). Additionally, it allows us to be efficient in our search efforts, which translates into a stream of well-qualified candidates in a much shorter timeline which benefits all parties involved which includes both clients and candidates.


~ Upon completion of the needs assessment, the partners will meet to determine allocation of resources and the best approach to a successful search on the criteria set forth from above.
~ CPO recruiters will do some or all of the following to open up the search:
1) Query both internal (CPO's) and external databases (Job boards, LinkedIn, etc.) to identify qualified candidates who are available now, as well as 'passive' candidates.
2) Post jobs on our website and various job boards that we deem appropriate to reach the preferred candidate pool while being mindful too of any confidential job assignments.
3) Identify potential companies and/or candidate sources that meet the preferences of the hiring manager as previously discussed, and target those candidates through various networking methods.
~ As the search progresses, we like to meeet with client to assess the effectiveness of the sources we are pursuing and the results we are producing. We find this to be a necessary step as we strive to cover all bases for potential candidate leads. We also use client feedback to modify recruitment and search activities as needed. Change happens and we're okay with that and pivot efforts accordingly!


Client-side Requirements:
~ CPO screens heavily for proper technical and professional fit as stipulated in the job description provided to us by our clients. We work closely with the priority requirements spelled out by the hiring manager, and provide candidate responses to certain technical questions as well as our comments on qualifications that we believe would be of interest to our clients for best assessment.
~ CPO continually strives to stay current on new technologies, methodologies, and programming languages to the extent that we may interpret the quality of a candidate's experience. This is especially important when recruiting and qualifying Full Stack Developers and Software Engineers to understand level of candidate proficiency pertaining to OOP and SOLID principles.
~ Based on our team philosophy, there is never cause for submitting poorly qualified candidates to meet "quotas" or "weekly numbers" within our organization. CPO's mission is to provide customized service to make the recruiting process easier and to assist clients in meeting their hiring goals. Therefore, there are no internal recruiter "politics" to adversely affect the quality of candidate submissions.

Candidate Presentation:
~ Our clients will advise CPO of their preferred method for presenting candidates, including who to "cc" on a given opening. Typically, CPO will send submissions via email but flexible per client preferences including Greenhouse or other Applicant Tracking Systems. . Included in each will be a complete resume, salary requirements, particulars about the candidate, and any other pertinent information that will help our clients best assess and determine interest.


~ At this point, we turn to the experience of our clients, and respect that you have an interview process in place. We work in tandem with you, maintaining your guidelines and practices, and seek to be your best company representative in implementing the interview process.
~ Once you have determined which candidate(s) you wish to interview, CPO will work with the appropriate staff to make that happen. We will schedule the interview based on best availability for both client and candidate and provide any additional details necessary to the candidate including zoom link, directions to office, etc.
~ Following the interview, CPO will have a debriefing session with our clients and the candidate(s). We will readily assist to resolve any follow up questions that may arise for either party appropriately.


~ CPO recognizes that each organization has their preferred approach for this process. We operate as your partner with the unified goal of securing your selected candidate(s).
~ When you are ready to make a hiring decision, our CPO representative will facilitate the offer process as agreed upon with our clients. In addition, we will continue to maintain the interest level of backup candidates, and correspond appropriately with those who are no longer in consideration. This correspondence is critical in its affect on how these candidates will view our clients in the future.
~ CPO will work with the candidates throughout the offer and acceptance phase and provide any necessary information which they may deem as being helpful including resignation letters, counter offers, etc.
~ We will continue our coordination efforts through a candidate's onboarding and hiring process up through the start date.

In closing, what sets CPO apart is that we are externally focused rather than internally focused. With fewer constraints and less bureaucracy, we have the freedom to focus our energies and efforts on our clients, executing searches and nurturing relationships. Our philosophy is based on teamwork and efficiency, and as such, we are free of the distractions that hinder results for our clients' best interests. We respect our clients' preferences and pride ourselves on catering to their specific needs. With our depth of experience and strengths, we are able to weave it all together in a customized effort that brings results while maintaining high quality and respectful standards and relationships on all sides.

Thank you for taking the time to read!!


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