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michelle Michelle Cresta BA degree from Penn State University with extensive retainer and contingency recruitment experience as a Talent Acquisition Partner for small to mid-size companies experiencing hyper growth. Prides herself on her organizational skills and ability to multi-task and handle several search assignments simultaneously and helping clients streamline their recruitment and interviewing process. Dives deep into projects with tenacity and excellent follow through on all sides. Balances work life with fitness, biking, golf (beginner), dog walks and entertaining family and friends. An enthusiast for finding and trying out new recipes that are simple and healthy including this favorite: Healthy Carrot Muffins
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jen Jen Phifer Chemical Engineering at Drexel University and specializes in Talent Acquisition for rapidly growing FinTech and other organizations. Effective in leadership and C-Level collaboration efforts for culture assessment and being able to break down details of the job for manager-directed search and recruitment efforts. Very much enjoys thinking outside of the box to successfully source and secure the right candidate who meets or exceeds managers' requirements and expectations. Analytical in nature which comes in handy for those hard-to-fill jobs. Personal time spent on house & garden projects, supporting music and arts, travel, and time with family, friends and pups.
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