One of CPO’S pet peeves: typos or spelling errors in thank you notes

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Candidates should send a thank you note after an interview.  If the manager does not provide you with his/her direct email address, then send it through the recruiter.  Email is acceptable since it saves trees!

Why should you send a thank you letter?

Sending thank you letters will make you stand out and also indicates to the prospective employer that you are very interested.

Let the prospective employer know in your letter that you appreciated his/her time and say something positive about the position, company and overall opportunity.

Take this opportunity to rebut any concerns that were mentioned during the actual job interview, perhaps referencing a particular point that was discussed during the interview.

If you need to send a note to more than one person, it’s ok to include everyone’s names in the letter; otherwise, send it to the decision maker and cc the others.

CPO’s biggest pet peeve though is when someone does not check to see if there are any spelling / grammatical mistakes in the note!!  If your note is full of spelling or grammatical mistakes, your chance of getting the job decreases rapidly.  It also will show that you are not detailed or focused.


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    Your post, One of CPO’S pet peeves: typos or spelling errors in thank you notes | CPO Blog, is really well written and insightful. Glad I found your website, warm regards!

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